Sunday, March 14, 2010

Some days you gotta dance.

This past weekend wasn't the best, and it wasn't the worst. My shell thickened, my mind was a race horse, my heart was shattered, my stomach tied itself into a knot, true friends were there when I needed them, sensitive issues were thought to be humorous, distance proved to be a hurdle mounted atop another hurdle, and I found myself learning more and more about ... myself.

A good friend of mine in Boise once told me, "In order to appreciate the good, you must endure the bad." This quote appeared in my last blog, and it's the reason I'm bringing it to this one. This weekend came my way in full force, did some damage and now has left me appreciating all the "good" surrounding the uncovered "bad." When it rains it often pours, but in my book it only means you need to slip on your rain boots, find a few puddles and dance. In any instance and through any situation, sometimes the best decision is to take your glass, give it a good rinse and fill her back up (all the way to the rim)


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  1. Brittanie! I just LOVE you! You're awesome :) Follow my new blog...I just started it...will be SO much fun...LOL.