Friday, February 25, 2011

Consider me a "Follower"

You know those moments in life when you realized your either a) addicted to something, b) jealous of something, or c) combination of both and possibly a follower of something? Maybe it's just me, but I'm definitely pulling a strong c these days. I love taking an afternoon break by hitting "Reader" courtesy of Google and quickly realizing my afternoon break has become a full-time job. I may have stretched the truth on the last sentence, but this whole blog "following" has secretly become a love of mine.

While I'm typing away in the blog-o-sphere writing about life in a glass half-full fashion, I'm also following some pretty amazing writers who have the ins and outs on fashion, healthy living, decorating, and decorating some more. Even if I attempted to dedicate my soul, aka my blog, to these categories, I would fail miserably and be left with one recipe, one go-to outfit, and I can guarantee a gazillion living room photos. (This wouldn't keep anyone entertained.) But, if I was to dedicate one post to these categories, it would look a little something like this:

Favorite outfit includes a Target white, small-pocket tee, skinny jeans, a cardigan of some fun color, my white watch, boots, and I might throw on a chunky ring (all trying to draw attention away from my infamous bun look and awkward bang grow-out hairdo) -
Okay, so I'm not Cameron Diaz, but you get the gist. 

My go to, call it a favorite, "keep it comin'" meal if you will -
Chicken Tortilla Soup (or Kashi Heart to Heart cereal)

My dream room must have green, pink and flower accents -
Karen Barlow has mastered this look.
I just reminded myself it's okay if your glass fills up to the rim simple because of the little (or repetitive) things in life that spark inspiration.

Happy stylin', boilin', decoratin' Friday followers!

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