Monday, March 7, 2011

Meet Up

Remember how I went off about being the new girl in town in Denver? Remember how I continue to be that same girl, but this time in Baltimore? If not, let me remind you - that girl was me! I had to kick that attitude to the curb, join the online world, and face my fears.

Taking one step back ... I moved to Baltimore because of a boy (one that I love and so glad I took the chance), but trekking out east, I didn't have a friend or family member who also randomly found themselves on this side of the map. Nope. I found this adventure alone and never wanted to become a slug-type-girl, attached to this boy wondering how to do things without him.

When I first arrived in "Charm City" work was crazy busy, I was settling into my apartment, the city was bustling with good times, friends and family members from across the seas and country were knocking (or surprising) at my front door, and I was in shock that Mike and I were actually living in the same city. We never knew life this way. This shock factor lasted longer than I expected, but then came winter ... and the snow ... and then the blues.

I wasn't going to let my sour mood get the best of me and my lack of friends, so I only knew one way (besides posting an ad on craigslist) on how to meet people. Meetup dot com! I've only actively participated in one meetup group, but how else do you get started on this train, right? A few weeks ago, I met 4 fabulous new friends off this site and over this past weekend I had brunch with about 20 other girls who pretty much came to the table with a similar story. 1) I just moved here, 2) I moved because of my fiance or boyfriend, or 3) I'm tired of being a townie and need to branch out.

This post isn't necessarily for those who are a new face in a new city, but rather for everyone! We all need friends and we all deserve a good time. If nothing else, give it shot, treat yourself to a night out, and if you're lucky you might just find yourself with a new circle of friends.

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