Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sometimes being too far is too much to handle

My life in the glass half-full view is still on point, BUT my life as of today took a turn. I am facing the fact that no matter how much my friends and family are with me in spirit, they simply aren't here nor am I there. My dad caught some bug today and is completely wiped out and not the Pops I know. I can't believe this. Yesterday was his birthday and I was singing "Happy Birthday" like a broken record. Today, I am crying because my heart is broken knowing he is under the weather. Something is different about this bug. My Pops hates doctors and won't swallow any pills. He's a man's man. He is tough. He doesn't need pity or help. Right now, that's all I want to do. Being more than 2,000 miles away and on the opposite side of the country from my parents, I am hurting and trying to figure out how I can save up enough pesos to make it there to take care of him. I want to warm his soul with chicken noodle soup. I want to sneak Gatorade into his water. I want to do his job so he can rest. I want him to feel better and be back to being himself. Right now, I really want to be home.

It's tough growing up, it's tough seeing loved ones hurt, and it's beyond tough knowing at this very moment there is really nothing I can do but continue calling and continue crying. Tomorrow will be better for both of us. I need a good book, a good night's sleep, and a sweet dream. I need to know being this far away from home is okay and that one day we will all be closer.

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