Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weekend recap

Why is it always the best times of our lives sweep by so fast? I recently posted a status update comparing going home to a plate a freshly baked cookies - "Going back home is similar to sampling one cookie from a dozen freshly baked, warm cookies; You keep wanting to go back for more. If only Idaho and Maryland were neighbors . . ." 

If that doesn't indicate how the weekend went, well then I take it you don't like warm, gooey cookies? It was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time. To break it down, here's what went down:
Thursday - Flew from B-more to Detroit to Denver to Boise, ugh. Arrived in Boise at 11:00 pm and had the biggest smile on my face. I also stuffed my face with McDonald's, which I haven't had in who knows how many years. It was amazing. 
Friday - Enjoyed one of my favorite breakfast spots, Big City. Introduced Mike to Costco. It was glorious. Celebrated our Three-Year Meet-Up Anniversary (the day we met in Florida at the Daiquiri Deck) at this outrageous, over-the-top, ultra Ed Hardy inspired restaurant called Barbacoa. 
Saturday - Ventured to one of the best farmer's markets in all of the lands. Hiked up 8th Street into the rolling hills of Les Bois. Enjoyed a fantastic BBQ dinner courtesy of my mom and her fav neighbors. Strapped on our dancing shoes and headed downtown to Main Street. This bar scene will never change, but we had a good time and ran into several amigos including one bff.
Sunday - Mike and I prepared breakfast for my mom. Hit up the pool, got sunburnt. Attempted to play 9 holes of golf without cursing, got sunburnt. Devoured the most amazing dinner - ribs, asparagus, salad, potato rolls, some fancy rice salad, and of course apple pie. Started to feel the tears coming on as the next day would lead me back on a plane. Received an amazing surprise from my bff, Meghan, who showed up at the door with two pints of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, some vino, and plenty of questions to ask. It was too perfect!
Monday - Mentally took a picture of everything in sight knowing I wouldn't see it for quite some time. Gave my mom the biggest hug and headed through security. THEN.... had a stop in Salt Lake City and introduced Mike to my Pops and my Pops to Mike for the very first time (my brother was also in this meeting)! Let me just point out a significant fact and say this is the very very very first time I've ever introduced a guy to my Pops. There was one that I thought was worth the meet up, but I had to rethink things and eventually held off. So here we are, three years post our meet-up in Florida, I'm now living in his hometown, and my Pops and him have never met until a few days ago. Wow! Everything went so well and I felt so proud of Mike saying all of the right things, not getting carried away with certain stories, asking the right questions, and giving my Pops the proper handshake he deserves. Big Smile :)

With that being said, it was the best weekend! I did everything I wanted to do. I ate everything I wanted to eat. I ventured everywhere I wanted to go. I saw everyone I wanted to see. I hugged everyone I wanted to hug. I was able to see Corn, my dog, who means the world to me. I was able to finally introduce my Pops to Mike. 

Now back to that cookie comparison - Idaho and Maryland, could you please stretch your arms a little further and bring me closer to my loves? 


  1. I love that comparison and that your dog's name is corn. Haha! :) So cute! I'm SO glad you had such a wonderful week! You deserve it!

  2. Big step little lady - introducing Mike to your Dad! :) How exciting! And I'm so glad you had a great weekend at home!! Once again you were so close to me, yet so far away.