Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Faves

Did you click? Did you listen? Did you dance? If you said no, please turn around and memorize these moves :)

So this video sums it up > The East Coast is drying up. We're suffering. Actually my office is freezing so I could use a little heat wave action in here, but the minute I step my toes outside I might change my mind.

The current temp is 104, BUT the heat index reads 119! Did you see that? It feels like 119 degrees out there!!!

Today is Friday (woohoo) and that only means one thing:

Friday Faves - "Like a Heat Wave"
Mmmm Ritas! It's an East coast treat. Think frozen ice + custard. It's deliciousness in a cup!
In Idaho we don't have a lazy river, nope we have the Boise River. It's something
we all love and can't wait until it's hot enough to actually put our bums in our inner tubes.
Since I don't have a pool and sprinklers aren't that common out here,
I could really go for a patio and some misters. Nothing like a light cool-off in the summer sun!
There is nothing more amazing to me than laying out. My skin will hate me later in life,
but I love the warmth of the sun. Nothing like a good book, a day of nothing to do, and getting your glow on.
So it might not be the best plan to drink in 100+ degree temps,
but honestly nothing says sign me up for summer like a frozen margarita.
If you're hiding from this heat wave like I am, please go treat yourself to some frozen custard, a trip down a river, and lots of SPF. Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Were having a "heat wave" up here in ak! It's hitting 75!! Hahaha!

  2. Ahh I love *everything* about this post. First, "Heat Wave" is one of the best summer songs ever written. You better believe I clicked and danced. :-p In fact, I made my entire family listen to it! (We're in Hawaii, all cozy in the same hotel room).

    Second, Rita's is the best. I discovered it when I moved to the east coast and have been in love ever since. And nothing beats lying in the sun all day long! In fact, that's how I spend my entire day today (margarita in hand). :-p

    p.s. When I get back to DC, can we pleeease have a date? I think it's about time we make it happen! xoxo