Thursday, December 22, 2011

4 Days of Christmas - Day 9

It's Thursday! It's my favorite day of the week. I'm having a rough week, and I know there is one little thing that would sorta make this alright. Okay, it wouldn't make it perfect, but it would definitely help (alongside a big bowl of ice cream..that should do it). Continuing with my wish list, I love a certain something that most people don't get. I really like hippos. If I had a big enough yard, I would love to dig a swimming hole, buy a hippo, feed it ice cream, and probably think life was complete. Because that's not really in the cards, nor is it probably allowed or legal, I'm going to stick with these gems...

I just love the color, their eyes, ooo so cute!

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  1. these studs (and this post) are absolutely adorable!