Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Fav

Oh Hey Friday!  Thursdays are my favorite day of the week, but something about Friday just puts a little pep in us all and makes the whole week worth the wait!

This week has been full of work, work, eating, and more work.  We've got a lot projects, programs and events in the next few months and I'm starting to feel the pressure to get my rear in gear.  This is a good thing.

This week I've slept in a littler later and left the house without making my bed 2 days in a row.  This may sound crazy, but I have a hard time getting through the day (usually) knowing my bed isn't made.  It's pretty bad to think the day might not go on because of this, but something about having your life in order before you step out to face the day makes everything else a little more organized.  My mom instilled some pretty strict rules in our house growing up, but I'll have to say I'm a true fan of sweeping, dusting, mopping, and spritzing some cleaner because of her!  This week oddly enough didn't put a damper on my days.  Sometimes you gotta realize the world won't end because your bed isn't made.  Tomorrow, make sure to make it, but today just let it slide.

This week has also been full of video after video.  The world (and truly the world) is on this "Sh*t  ___ Says" kick and I'm loving it.  Every video seems to top the last one, and I can't stop laughing.  Last night while walking to dinner with Mike, I said these exact words, "She's super cute, it's ridic!"  Honestly, super cute and ridic, Brittanie?  Yup, that would be sh*t I say.

So with a mound of To Do lists at work, catching a few more morning zzz's, and hours upon hours spent watching these videos what have I learned this week to celebrate my Friday Fav?  I've learned life, especially this week, has been about finding your "more."  In order to be the best version of ourselves, we gotta fill our lives with more of what we love.  I've worked my brain more, I've slept in more, I've laughed more, and in the end I'm just feeling a little more me!

Have a fabulous weekend, and go get yourself some "more!"
(You can read that as s'more and be just as happy.)
                                                               Source: via Brittanie on Pinterest

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