Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Crunch Time

Do you ever feel like there simply isn't enough time in life to catch up life?  Usually I'm pretty calm in situations/times like this, but right now I'm already producing bullets of sweat thinking of a certain day ahead.  You see Mike's birthday is in a week, yup next Tuesday that boy turns another year older.  What else is in a a week? Valentine's Day.  Because you can't celebrate two parties in one day (or in my mind you can't) we reserve his birthday on his birthday and Valentine's for another day. 

Okay, so back to this crunch time and my stress levels.  I want this day to be perfect.  I want him to wake up thinking, "I wonder what's in store...." and go to bed thinking, "That was by far the best day of my life!"  How can one girl make this happen?  He already knows one little adventure we're going on, but the gift part is what gets me.  If he wants something or has his eye on something, he buys it.  If I say "wait," he responds "sorry already got it."

How am I going to know the current apple of eye without him beating me to it.  Any ideas for the perfect gift would be greatly appreciated.  I would write some of the things I have in mind, but occasionally he reads my blog and we can't have that happening during this next week.  He's sneaky I tell ya...

P.S. I'm thinking one of these days he could be my first guest blogger :) Let's hope he read that!

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