Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Fav - Enjoy the Little Things

Happy Friday Ladies and Gents! Here we are with another week behind us and hopefully an amazing weekend ahead of us! The weather drastically changed from yesterday's sunny skies to today's blustery winds, but I'm so thankful it's still pretty calm and praying for those in the Midwest and South.

On my way to work this morning I was running a few minutes early, something really out of the norm, so I decided to stop and treat myself to a coffee. After patiently waiting in line, picking up my coffee, and walking toward the door, I noticed two girls walking inside the shop at the same speed I was getting ready to walk out the door. So while in this bind, I opened the door and held it for the first girl thinking I'll let them go first, but then this girl held the door for me, so I say "thank you" thinking this is the green light for me to walk out. Nope! This is the green light for the second girl walking in to truly body slam me, call me a "b*tch," and step on my foot. I know, I was pissed. This 14-15 year-old managed to take care of these 3 things in a matter of seconds. Did I hear an apology? Nope.

So I continued walking out (thankfully my coffee didn't get slammed to the floor, or face) just thinking how rude this girl was and what an awful life she is going to lead with that attitude. This thought got me thinking about where I live and maybe the mentality of east coast folks vs. west coast folks, and how really, just really, I might be trying to swim in the wrong sea.

Okay, so I finally settled into my car, turned up the radio, sipped my hazelnut latte, and started driving toward this high school (which I'm thinking is where this girl was going). I made my way to a red light just outside the high school's entrance and looked to my right only to see the most energetic traffic guard. Let me tell you, this guy was on fire. Either he had 28 cups of coffee, or he was meant to be my best friend. Not only was he pulling out conductor moves from Broadway, dance steps from a music video, but he was wearing Micky Mouse gloves :)

I was in awe, in love, and most definitely a happy camper. Moral of the story ...

Today's Friday Fav is really a lesson to myself that you can't let others control your mood unless they are simply trying to make other people's days. This girl had no right to act the way she did, but sorry honey, you're going to have a rough road ahead if that's how you act. Second, this man was the best part of my week. He was beyond happy, appeared to love his job, and just by adding a little pep to his step, he changed my day around.

To another Friday Fav, here is a lesson to be learned:
                                                               Source: via Brittanie on Pinterest

Have a wonderful weekend!