Thursday, March 8, 2012

My "You Better" To Do List

Before I get started on something that might produce a million sweat bullets, Happy Thursday! Thursdays are my favorite day of the week. Thursdays bring out the best in people, or maybe just me. Either way, today is a good day and Happy International Women's Day ... so many things to be thankful for right now!

Now about this post - It's simple and it's clear - I'm obsessed with To Do lists. I think most of us are. We have our daily lives filling our days. We have our work lives filling our days. We have our relationships (family, friends and lovers) filling our days. We have errands, doctor appointments, reminders that you're still blind, and grocery trips filling our days. We have social things we'd like to do, try to do, and sometimes do filling our days. And last but not least, we blog.  This most certainly fills our days (or in my case often gets put on the back burner).

Before leaving my home this morning, I took a quick glance around my room trying to find my phone. During this quick glance, I found a post it note on my nightstand, 2 on my dresser, 2 on my closet mirror, and 4 in my purse. What is going on, B? I have more To Do lists than I have time. With this "problem" I decided to narrow down my top priorities (perhaps writing them here, you know just one more place, will help me accomplish them):

My "You Better" To Do List:
1) Book your 2 weddings in 1 week flight - this is a multi-city type flight purchase.
2) Send Bee's 25th birthday and Christmas gift.  Bee turned 25 last April (this is really bad)...
3) Make an eye exam appointment (1 set of eyes aka contacts left is never a good thing).
4) Get back into running. There is no excuse not to with the sun waking up earlier.
5) Find a craigslist bike or someone who wants to buy me a bike.
6) Paint you nails at night. It takes 30 minutes (remove nail polish, file away, paint base coat, paint color), and this shouldn't be a task handled in the car while driving to work.
7) Remember the glass should always be more than half-full, unless it's water and please keep drinking.
8) Follow through with Date Night (Mike, did you see that one?).
9) Start The Hunger Games. Tonight.
10) Give yourself a party for having gone 15 days without ice cream!

                                                                                   Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

If only my room looked like this with all of the post it's I've got piling up.

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