Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm Back!

Oh hey there! Remember when I used to blog and talk your ear off? Remember when I had a lot to say and hardly any pictures to post about my stories? Well those memories and me are officially back. You see my life for the past few months, okay really just the past month, have been nothing but a crazy storm. It's not that my social life took over, I dropped the internet bill, or I got the bike I've been dreaming of and decided to give up blogging. Instead, I've been working like a mad woman and haven't had a chance to say hello. 

I'm sorry. I hope you'll forgive me (I'm here either way). And just know I'm hoping to spice things up around here. 

So what have I been up to these last few days/weeks? I've been working alongside an engine of a support system planning the Inaugural Ocean City Race for the Cure! That's right! I work for Susan G. Komen for the Cure (and damn proud, too), and we've been organizing a brand new Race. After nights of limited sleep, the constant need to always check my email for any updates, and the stress of a possible rain storm to crash down on this Race left me feeling pretty ill inside. But the funny thing is, I knew all along (with everyone else) that no matter what this Race was taking place and we were going to make it the best we could. 

There is only so much you can put into planning, only so much you can stress over, and only so many updates you can lose sleep over, because at the end of the day when you're fighting breast cancer, the Race pretty much pulls itself together. The amount of support from volunteers, community members, advocates, donors, families, and Survivors and co-Survivors is what makes every Race one to be remembered (and one to see why we're still here - for the fight against breast cancer). 

It was a weekend unlike any other, but one I'll never forget. If you look closely, you can see Mother Nature pelted us all with an out-of-control rain and wind storm. I had to remind myself over 1,000 times, "Brittanie, it's only water ... it's only water."  

Thank you for your patience as I went MIA and be ready for this week's Friday Fav (and hopefully some updates in between now and then)! 



  1. Job Well Done! I know all those who are fighting, or have fought for themselves or others are proud of the hours and dedication that each of you devote on behalf of raising funds to fight and hopefully find a cure. XOX Mum

  2. a great cause, good work Brittanie!

    elizabeth @ chronic venture

  3. Brittanie I am soooo sure that everyone knows that all of you are pulling for them no matter what the outcome of the day brings. You all do your best , Lots of Love and Very Proud of YOU, Love You Grandma.