Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Fav - She Is.

Happy Friday!!! While I'm still in shock it's the end of the week, I'm glad we got here through everything that has gone on this week. It's been a newsworthy one that's for sure. So this week, actually last night, a spark went off in my mind that lead to today's Friday Fav. At my part-time gig, I'm actually in the middle-aged crowd (26 is the new 50)! As a member of this elite club, I feel it's my responsibility to pass along advice to the little ducklings. Some of these young ones are nearing their early 20's and bracing the prime of their college years. While I didn't have the most exciting college life, I really developed the most as a person, or who I knew I wanted to be, during this time. I've also said, "22 was the best year of my life." It was this year I really challenged myself and thought about how I wanted my life to look/be. Sadly, it was also the year I realized my boobs weren't gonna be getting any bigger and "accepting" them was about all I could "try" to do.

Okay, so with today's Friday Fav, the youthful mind and outlook of being an early 20-something-year-old and my years of wisdom wrapped up in a box, what am I trying to get at? I'm advocating, preaching, and cheering for these girls! As I once looked up to those who were in their 25 - 35 stage of life, I realized last night this is now me! It might be one of the best feelings knowing the impact you could have on someone's life, but it's also the impact they have on mine. It's the little reminder I was once told and continue to tell myself ...

Today's Friday Fav is All Things - She Is.

Whether you're about to announce that you're having a baby girl, you're soaking up the summer sun before your big girl job starts, or you're picking out your cake for your 100th birthday, you will and have quite possibly been the best teacher to more people than you realize. You've got what it takes to achieve everything you want, explore everywhere you want, be with whoever you want, and at the end of the day (or start) dream of becoming anything you want. Girls have this sense of drive embedded in their XX's. We've got what it takes to move and shake the world around us. And to sum it all up, we've got the will to learn, the care to share, and the love to make everyone else feel a little better.

For everything you young ducklings are about to become, I'm so excited for you! Take on these last few semesters of college and be all that you can be. Just remember, walk with your head held high (not up your rear), get to know your professors - they might introduce you to your future employer, join a group or club your parents never approved of in high school, and make new friends. The bubble you're in now will only get smaller if you stay there. Also, try moving. Pack up your life and meet a new city. You might just fall in love, cross off a bucket list item, and become everything you ever wanted to be. 

                                                                              Source: via Brittanie on Pinterest

P.S. My heart is breaking for Colorado (was once my home and has a large part of my heart still there). If you can or would like to share, please visit the American Red Cross, this great Wild Fire Tees site, or Help Colorado Now to help those who have been affected by these tragic fires.

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