Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!

Sometimes I think I get more excited over other people's birthdays than they get of their own day. Sometimes I think your day should be everything and more. You should wake up swimming in a sea of balloons, eat cake for breakfast, unwrap everything you've had your eye on, enjoy the the day off from work, jet set anywhere your heart desires, be treated to your favorite dinner, and again enjoy some more cake. If there is anyone in this world who deserves this plus everything else amazing under the sun ... it's my Mom!

I have been blessed with the best Mom and best friend in one. This girl knows more about my quirks and tantrums, she is the best at playing the question game because she's had to be my go to person for each round, she's dealt with my hair fiascoes and heart breaks, she's always put my shopping needs/wants before hers, she's given me 1 million shoulders to cry on when the tears wouldn't stop falling, she's let me take whatever and everything that is hers, she's picked up every 2am homesick phone call I've given her, she's helped me travel and move around the world when she's sat still, and above all ... she's been the mom that every daughter dreams of having.

Today, as she gets ready to make a wish and prep for a new year ahead, I hope she's granted the most fabulous year and I hope I can help make it a possibility!

Mom, My Little Wish Waiting on a Candle, I hope you have the most amazing birthday!!! From the little girl who followed every footstep you took, to the girl I am now dreaming of being just like, I love you!

Enjoy your day and new year ahead! 

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  1. You are so right about your most wonderful Mom. Love Her to the moon and back. Love Gramma