Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Fav - Baris Newberry

Happy Friday! As I look back on this past week I can't help but smile as I see one little warm, furry body hug my side and rest his head on my arm. Today's Friday Fav is one we've all been waiting for ... it's all about my pup!
Friday Fav - Baris Newberry

You all know him, you've seen his pictures, and without a doubt, I'm sure he's crept his way into your heart just like he did with me the first time I saw him. I can remember it perfectly, Saturday October 5th, I was asked to help out at DogFest (a local animal festival focused around the humane society and the importance of rescuing). As I drove up to the parking lot, unloaded my bag of materials, and started walking into the registration area, I saw in the distance table after table, vendor after vendor. It was at this moment I knew I might be in for a very long day and the possibility of being the only one stationed next to the bathroom tub and tile renovator (they seem to be at every show, festival, fair, you name it). I walked over until I saw table #29 and plopped my bags down. As I settled in, I noticed a caramel colored, pointy eared, and black snout little pup walk over to table #28. "Oh my goodness, your dog is so cute, what's his name?" 

"Thank you. This is Baris."
As the hours passed, I couldn't help but inch closer to Baris and abandon my table. It was right then and there that I was hooked. I no longer wanted a golden retriever named Nugget (well I mean I still do), I no longer wanted to wo"man" my table, and above all, I didn't want to leave Baris or let him steal someone else's heart. As my time at this event was coming to an end and I packed everything up, I went back to #28, donated a few dollars to Col. Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue, and whispered in Baris's ears, "One day I hope to see you again."

As the weeks went by, I found myself going straight to the Available Cairns sector of Col. Potter's Rescue website, clicking on Pennsylvania, and seeing Baris with the note that he was still available. One night I couldn't take it anymore, gave my mom a call, and asked if she would help me apply for Baris. See I was living in an apartment that didn't allow dogs, but I was so over the moon with him that I was hopeful he could find a forever home with my mom. We submitted our application at 11:55 pm, and woke up the next morning with a volunteer eager to get the process started. The process was much longer than I expected, but one that obviously ended in my favor. Part of the application was that I would provide Baris a home until I could get him on a plane to Idaho. As I mentioned earlier, my apartment didn't allow dogs, and therefore Baris wouldn't be able to stay with me during this transition time. So our application was put on hold and unfortunately there were many other families looking to call him theirs.
His picture on the Col. Potter website. 
Mike came to the rescue, gave our landlord our one-month notice, and found us a new apartment (that allows furry friends) in one day! So now here we were, waiting an extra month hoping Baris wouldn't be adopted. My new application for him was on file, and I started going through various adoption procedures such as reference check, vet check, and studying of the Cairn Terrier breed (although Baris is a mix and the best mix out there).

On December 1st, we moved, we asked Baris's foster mom, PK, to cross off our home check visit, and we waited patiently hoping we would get the final approval. With so many other families looking to adopt the perfect Christmas present, it seemed as if Baris was never coming home. It was until Saturday, December 21st, I got the call that we had been approved and Baris was going to be ours!!! We arranged a pick-up date for the following day (I couldn't wait any longer), drove up to Newberrytown (hence his middle name), PA, signed the paperwork, swaddled him in his blanket sewn together by one of the fabulous volunteers with Col. Potter, fastened his leash, gave PK a big hug for loving our boy for 5 months, and drove home as a family! We decided to keep his name as it means "peace" in Turkish, and that's truly the personality he has (minus his love for chewing on slippers).

Baris has been the best dog ... ever! Coming from an Amish Puppy Mill (makes me want to vomit), he has the best personality and so much love to give. I've always loved the phrase, "Who rescued who?" In our case, I think we both got very lucky. If you're ever considering a dog, I would highly recommend Col. Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue as they have volunteers every step of the way to help you with your adoption process, they provide their rescues with the best home and training, and post-adoption they are still there as a resource for any questions, advice or even fun stories you'd like to share.
His very own stocking!
His favorite place to nap. 
I am so grateful I had to "work" DogFest, my table was assigned next to Col. Potter's, PK provided my pup the best home and care during his foster stay, and Baris was the one who caught my heart! I can't wait to love him even more, continue to share all of our adventures, and begin volunteering with the organization who made this all possible for me!
Baris with his Col. Potter scarf on his first official day home :)

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  1. such a cute dog and a GREAT story on how he became your best Buddy. I know he gives his love to you both everyday. Love You. Gramma