Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My glass is half-full.

I set out on a mission with my first blog, Life Deserves Laughter, to do none other than spice up your life with the mishaps, rants and fabulous finds found in my life. Whether I stirred up a chuckle or infused a “Brittanie, please end it now” request…I’d like to say I’m here to do it again.

This time around, I’m writing about my life as an adventure in a glass half-full style. I wish an adventurous outing could inspire every post, but if that wish fails entirely, I’ll take a step back and continue writing about whatever it is I find intriguing, moving and/or beautiful. I’m here again writing about the lessons I’ve learned, the love I’ve found, the person I’ve grown into, the person I want to become, the gems I’ve polished, the stories I’ve read, the people I’ve met, the challenges I’ve faced and the reasons laughter can still be found at my side.

Today begins something new and with only the unknown ahead, I’m inviting you into my life as it continues to unfold. Welcome (again)!

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