Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vincent Van Gogh

The last taste of 2009 was rough. I welcomed my 6-month anniversary in a new city with open arms, but unlike most of my adventures where I knew going home was only a few days away, this adventure entailed me creating my home apart from being back home. (confused yet?) Finally settling in is when it hits you. You (being I) realized this is it, this is what you wanted, what you sought and what you were driven to accomplish. This is life outside of your comfort zone. I love the unknown, but I didn't realize how much I took my family, friends and street signs for granted. So as soon as 6 months hit, I as a result hit a wall. "What's next? Do I go back or push forward? Am I at the point I imagined 6 months ago?"

The winter blues were catching my toes, the holidays were creeping up, and I wasn't somewhere where I knew who to call on or ask for help. Not wanting to carry my pity party on any longer, let me skip pass the tears and say "Thank you twenty-ten!" You are a breath of fresh air in the midst of frozen window panes and a green light in an abandon town. I'm not sure why and how the changing of two numbers, in this year's case, can add a skip to someone's step, but 2010 is bound to be better than 2009.

I knew if there was any way I was going to fill up my glass and appear optimistic, I would need a phrase, a song, or a new bra to lift my spirits. I accomplished all three, but mainly focusing on the first. Whether I recite it the whole year or another blue day, I believe it sums up the courage knowing in the midst of everything you can continue:

"I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart." - Vincent Van Gogh

I was able to apply the three elements toward my move, and there is no doubt I won't be able to apply them to a new year, attitude and adventures. Thank you Van Gogh for your words and colors!

Vincent Van Gogh photo

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