Friday, April 9, 2010

Grits and Great Friends

Traditions are meant to be made, remembered and dreamt about from a mile away. This year my friend Brielle and I started a tradition bound for undescribable memories.

An intro to why we chose the day we did: Thanksgiving is a time to gather primarily with one's family, perhaps bicker about the gravy and end with a stuffed belly. Christmas is a day we associate towards religion, good ole Saint Nick, a mountain of bows and holiday cheer. 4th of July equals sparklers and bbq's. Halloween sums up sugar and an excuse to mimic someone or something we all love/hate. And for every other day/holiday I'm skipping, it's because I'm anxious to announce the day Bee and I have assigned as our annual holiday/reunion ... drum roll .... Easter! The day is simply perfect. The time of the year couldn't be any better. Not only is Spring in the air, but Easter incorporates a mix of every other day of celebration into one cavity forming, religious, zip up the bunny costume, and please don't forget the deviled eggs type of day!

So this is just what we did. Our first Easter tradition was kicked off in style, soaked up in sunshine, located on an island, and devoured by laughter. While the stories could be another blog in itself, I will save the essay for another day and leave you with a few of our photos.


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