Thursday, May 27, 2010

"The best part of waking up..."

One) Could be Folger's in your cup (according to my Pops).

Two) Most likely the sun is already on the rise.

I can't believe it. It wasn't but a few weeks ago I was complaining about the cold, the possibility of snow and of course waking up a few minutes early to defrost my car windows, but now the sun is racing to beat my alarm clock! 'Tis a wonderful day...

I know I often rant about Thursday being my favorite day hoping others will mark it down as theirs in agreement, or possibly I'll start a global fan page dedicated to "Thursday: It doesn't get much better." One can dream, right?

My rant doesn't end there. I love Thursdays and I love the summer sun. Some might think of this post as a waste of space and/or reading time, but hey you clicked the link. Sorry. So back to my rant, the summer sun lightens our moods, raises our spirits and beyond all things give us more time!!! I along with a few others might possibly be the only ones still wearing watches simply because reaching for our cell phone or glancing at the computer screen doesn't make sense or trust-worthy.

I'm a time catcher, chaser and hater. Some despise the 2 am last call, I dread the tick ... tick ... tick ... So this leads me back to the summer sun. I love waking up knowing at 6 am it's light out. I love knowing at 8:19 pm the moon isn't the only light illuminating the sky. It really is amazing knowing each day has the same number of hours, but it's also pathetic during the winter weeks wishing I could sleep in until 10 and go to bed around(delayed fact: my days are measured in hours of sleep).

Retracing my steps to Tres Bracelets' glass half-full outlook, I can't say it enough, but my glass is more than half-full when "The best part of waking up is the summer sun blasting through your blinds, highlighting your eyelids and welcoming a beautiful day ahead!" The sun was up before I was this morning and I sipped two cups of coffee. Life is fabulous!

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