Monday, May 17, 2010

Detox From The Book.

I just returned home from what might have been the best weekend yet! Upon my arrival into my room, unzipping my suitcase and crashing on my bed, I immediately reached for my laptop eager to get online and catch up on my emails, Facebook and a few blogs I follow. Forward five minutes later, I received nothing but junk mail, more time wasted on Facebook than I anticipated, and laughed at some fabulous blog posts. So of the three tasks I accomplished, I am deeply embarrassed by one. My life (and possibly yours, which I hope not) has evolved into this social network obsession where if I go two days without reading my "wall" I feel as if I'm out of the loop. Ga-Ross! What loop am I really out of . . . the adventures outside my bedroom window. I'm challenging myself, which is pathetic to even admit it might be a challenge, to a month of Facebook detox. No updates, no feeds, no likes and more importantly dislikes, and definitely no creeping around for 10+ minutes. This is going to be the best breath of fresh air in a long time.

This past weekend was surrounded by my best friends and my most favorite places. There wasn't one minute I thought about Facebook and I want the rest of this month to follow. Here goes something that shouldn't be hard, but more along the lines of necessary. It's about time!

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