Friday, July 9, 2010

Free like a Firefly.

Nelly Furtado sang it right when she bolted, "I'm like a bird," but in my case I know my jam would be "Free like a firefly." Thing is, I never saw something so amazing until last weekend. Along the same lines, it's fitting my first firefly experience fell under the stars of a different city, with a man I never imagined would someday walk my way (truly it was the other way around) and surrounded by an abundance of these lit up lightening bugs. So here it is > My life can be compared to that of my flickering friends.

I've always known myself to be daring, but bounded back by fear. Fear if I do something for too long it might not end the way I want, or fear if I don't keep moving my feet will eventually cement themselves into one place. Not sure what the problem is, but for me it happens to be a big one.

Commitment issue or not, this is why I've always wanted to see a firefly (but somehow only suckered in mosquitoes). I know my wingspan stretches farther than what I know what to do. My desire to move around, shine and stay connected with "my pack" has forever been my focus. It wasn't until when the sun was lowering and the sky was illuminated I found myself excited with: the opportunities ahead, the love I never knew possible and the life I'm carving.

When I began this blog, I wanted to zoom in on the optimistic lens in my life. I knew it would be difficult given majority of this past year has been sometimes borderline too close to tears, but I can't begin to describe how much I've grown, learned, laughed and loved simply because I strapped on my wings and crossed my fingers. I could list off the hurdles pushed in front of me throughout the process but why? This is how I want to continue living and looking at what's ahead - as if I am a firefly. I'll add a zip of light wherever I go, take the seconds of darkness that creep up on me, but in the end continue moving and learning.

Numero Uno lesson gained from this recent sighting:
Make a list of everything you want to see, witness, do and whatever else wanders your mind. Our days shouldn't resemble a checklist, but instead a mason jar filled with what caught our attention, surprised us and drew a smile.

Something so small as watching a firefly hover above the grass and occasionally turn on its bulb made my memory jar!

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  1. Sweets;
    Don't ever let the Cement Dry, It just wouldn't Be You. This Last Year seems Like Your just Getting Started, And What a Start it is. I'm so Happy for You and Your New Found Love, Let Go and Enjoy All that it Offers. And Always Be True to Yourself.
    With All My Love Pops

    Scaring Myself being able to sign in, LOL or something like that.. Love You Sweets