Thursday, November 4, 2010

Baby steps.

Please read the article from the link below, then read my rant. (Save yourself the trouble of ten pages and read the first five.)

My response -

We're trying to prove ourselves with the term those of a different generation, an older generation, define "adulthood." Unfortunately, we're underpaid and therefore can't afford to support ourselves, which contributes to why we are not in a rush to have babies and lean on the government. We don't have time to find a potential partner or dedicate the time we do have to the person we love, because we are struggling financially to support ourselves and seeking out various part-time jobs, which coincidentally enough takes up our time.

I think we're doing a-okay given the lack of trust we have in everything around us; We can't see a doctor or have our teeth examined. We have pathetic politicians who walk with a permanent red carpet. Society continues to highlight the equation between marriage resulting in divorce, but what about the spotlight on those who are happily married? We are told one offer when hired, but two weeks later when our first check is directly deposited we end up calling our parents for top ramen bucks. Our local "Serve and Protect" officers complain when "their city isn't what it used to be," but have the nerve to seek out a violation for overtime. We treat ourselves to dinner and drinks, but end up discussing how an expensive margarita at $7 will be $14 in no time.

Whatever it boils down to, we are a different generation from the minute we came into this world. We have grown up in a world where our TI-83's weren't quick enough, nanopets and furbies taught us responsibility, the ice cream man wasn't your friendly next door neighbor, but instead released from prison for child pornography, TV shows have become "reality," and to top it off we can't purchase our very first "Home Sweet Home" doormat, because our banks have failed us beyond belief. Our education system taught us more in 6th grade than we acquired from 4+ years in college. Internet and video games have become our teachers implementing the fundamental skills older generations have failed to provide (i.e. Sims = community development, Wii = focus on fitness, Sudoku = logic, Memory = enough said, World of Warcraft = noted for problem solving and reasoning skills, Second Life = social interactions because it's far too dangerous to play with kids in our neighborhoods, etc.). We're firmly encouraged to register when November rolls around, but what about encouraging us simple tasks such as using the register included in our checkbook?

I could go on about how we're unique and often greedy, but why? We've gained this image and mindset from our parents who "wanted to keep up with the Jones'." It's now our turn to want and dream of success. It might take us until we reach our mid-30's, but when given $20,000 a year for our worth, we aren't able to move out on our own, save or "achieve all five milestones."

Fork over some pesos and maybe you'll witness our very first steps into adulthood.


P.S. I know I need to update everyone on my life and all its changes...I promise I haven't forgot :)

Image taken from "Girls Just Wanna Have Funds"

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