Friday, November 12, 2010

Tres Month Update

This post has been a draft for 3 months. I apologize if it's short, boring and simply behind the times.

Here I am living, writing and breathing in the East. Say what? ‘Tis a true story. I met a guy (and not just any other guy), who quickly became my best friend. Our relationship began as pen pals, grew into visiting each other once a month over a year's time and now coincidentally enough I am living in his neck of the woods. I’ve dreamt about East coast livin’ (sorry Mamas & Papas) longer than I’ve known this guy, but of course nerves and miles away from home tend to play a larger role than I expected. I wanted to stay close, but have some room to spread my wings. As a result, I moved to Denver knowing I was a short flight from my mom’s hugs and Big City’s burritos. One state away, I was insured the challenges, but granted the gift of independence. Denver brought just that, challenge after challenge. Whether they were laugh-worthy or downright pathetic, I fought them and won. What would come next, is something I never thought I could do. I wasn’t sure when I would move on, but I did exactly one-year later. It struck earlier than my bank account could handle, but I picked a date, gave two-weeks notice, received help from my mum, packed up my room, cried uncontrollably, rented a u-haul and said my goodbyes. ugh.  

Three days of driving, close to 1, 700 miles and a prairie dog stop later, I made it to "Charm City." A the song goes, I’m just a small-town girl living in a lonely world. Okay, so Baltimore isn’t all that lonely. In fact it’s the opposite, but being further away from my parents, friends and “family” in Denver, I'm on a mission to make this city my new stomping grounds.  I wasn’t sure what my apartment held on the inside nor how I would pay my bills, but a few days later here I am loving the hardwood floors beneath my feet and fulfilling a dream working for Susan G. Komen for the Cure! Things work out for a reason and life falls into place when you least expect it. I’m now finding these words to be true.

I'm not sure why Mike and I met, I'm not sure why my youthful vision of living on the East is now out my bedroom window, and I'm not sure why gravity hasn't pulled me down ... yet. What I do know is I haven't been happier, I am feeling month-after-month as if I am "home" and to be honest gravity won't ever bring me down. 

I apologize if you were hoping for an elaborate, horse-drawn carriage type of update, but what I provided was what's important - 3-months of silence wasn't because I forgot, but simply waiting for the minute I could catch a breath of air from the glass half-full world spinning around me. 

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