Friday, December 17, 2010


Happy Friday!

So this week has taken its sweet time reaching today, and I'm only hopeful this weekend doesn't follow the same pattern and next week will arrive before I know it. I'm headed home and this marks a place in my heart I can't wait to fill! I haven't seen my family and friends in many moons, aka months, and I just can't wait to hug them all. Now onto the post...

I've been seriously contemplating the idea of getting a dog for a year, but within the last month I have found myself researching nothing but Golden Retrievers and how to welcome home your new best friend. I set a date on my calendar for "Anytime Spring Time" to pick up my very own pup! This left the option up in the air if I wanted it to be late-February through early May. Well it looks like my calendar needs an update ASAP :) While hanging out with Mike last night, we spent some quality time looking at rescue shelters and their most URGENT Dogs. It broke our hearts and filled our minds. Now while he stayed up the whole night on a detective mission, I went to bed dreaming of who I can bring home.

The time has come - I'm welcoming 2011 with a pup-a-rino! So it might not be a puppy, and I'm not even sure who "it" is right now, but all I can say is while I'm basking in my home-sweet-home vacation and enjoying time with my family and friends, I will also be taking some time to find my perfect match.
I really hope it's her, Abby > She has quite the past and definitely deserves a new start and a new home.

 If you can spare some room in your home and heart, you should check out your local animal rescues.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. she looks so beautiful such sweet eyes on this dog!!!
    Wish I had a permanent home so I could also get a dog this year...used to have 4 back in NZ all from animal shelters.Love dogs!
    Merry Christmas!