Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Back on.

I never thought about the possibility of writing for someone else other than myself. I started writing in a diary upon entering the fourth grade. Ever since my fluffed-up, pink-polka-dot journal of secrets filled up, I resorted to buying every notebook, journal and diary in sight. What is it about paper and writing that drew me in? I've always had a loud and somewhat squeaky voice, but I never pitched it high enough for most to hear. Writing was that outlet - as it is for most with a similar problem. So the other day I got to thinking, "What is it about Three Bracelets that others might enjoy? What is it that I enjoy?"

We all are witnesses to life on some level, it's what we put in and take out that varies. I am a person who leans on inspiration to get me through most ups and downs. I need creativity, independence, support, love, motivation, challenges and achievements to grow. (I think most of us do.) It's the whole glass half-full system that perks me up, along with my morning coffee. I realized the reason I write here for myself and for you is because I need to know at some point in my day, my glass was half-full. This in return spins the inspiration wheel for tomorrow's surprises.

I knew something was missing from my life, and I wanted to start blaming it on the winter time blues getting me down, but then my left wrist slapped me in the face (not really) and asked, "What's missing?" You wouldn't believe it ... my three bracelets! I quickly rushed to my bracelet box and uncovered three tarnished bracelets. Perhaps this was a slight symbolism for my mood lately - tarnished. They, along with I, needed a good shining. Guess who is back in full-swing ready to take the world by storm, fill up my glass and continue writing? This girl!

We're Back On

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