Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I like Valentine's Day. I'm not of those who despise this "Hallmark branded day," where all your eyes see is red, pink and doilies galore. I like red and I love pink. I like the thought that love is in the air, reservations are being made, chocolate is molded in shaped hearts and glasses of wine are clinking. Whoever hates in my book is a Debbie Downer and really just needs to treat her/himself to something they love.

I happen to love Valentine's Day even more lately because it's Mike's birthday! It's a wonderful excuse to celebrate the one you love with love. The first year we happened to be together on his birthday was two years ago in New York City. Can it get any better than that? Well actually I was on my way to DC from NY and he was hosting his own laser tag bday party. But in the meantime, I snuck him a little box of Necco hearts and wrote something sweet (tooting my own horn). Last year, it was his 25th birthday and he flew out to Denver simply so he could freeze his little chicken legs off. This year... this year is different. I am living in his hometown, I am but a few miles from his front door, and I am more happy today than I was two years ago. I have an idea for a cute card floating my brainwaves and I can't wait to get started.

Back to Valentine's Day. Even before a boy was in the picture, I loved making my own valentines, I loved stocking up on cinnamon bears, I loved seeing little cherubs strung with arrows in storefront windows, I loved buying US Weekly without a guilty conscience (still do) and I loved knowing one day I would call someone my Valentine!

If it took me 20 years, I would patiently wait, but in the meantime I would know whenever the 14th rolled around I had the best excuse to do something or buy something that brought joy to my heart.

Point of the post - If your sulking your boots about a day that should be recognized for all of its wonderful attributes, please make it a goal this year to pour some bubbles in the bath, buy some flowers from the shop next door, burn your favorite playlist, pull up your dancing socks and treat yourself to everything you love. 


  1. I love Valentine's Day too! But I'll still be taking your advice and buying myself a little something to make me extra happy! :)

  2. This is actually the first year that I am having a positive attitude about this is simply to celebrate LOVE! What a great reason to have a holiday!

    Cute blog:)

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  4. Brittanie! I miss you and your amazing positive attitude! And, although, I just broke it off...well...put a break on things for a moment...with guy OF the moment...I'll still celebrate this holiday! I've always loved Valentine's Day as well, but I feel I love it more this year because I love myself more than ever! haha...sounds haughty but I mean it. I'm 29...still single...and think I'm fun enough, dang it!'s about time :)

    Love you! I hope you just have a SUPER SUPER Valentine's Day with Mike!

    Love you!


  5. Sweeeets; Sort of a fitting name for this Holiday, (jk) I knew if I checked out Your Blog You would have a post about Valentines Day, And here it is. Always stay as Positive as You are, and Remember to look up at the Sunsets and the Stars every now and then, Life is Great
    Love Pops