Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Courtesy of Craigslist

Goodness, gracious I hit the snooze button. Technically I didn't hit snooze (I'm more of a "dismiss" girl than a "snooze" one), but I did go missing.

Where was I? All I can think of is:
- Catching up on the final rose episode of The Bachelor
- Tuning into Glee (my fav)
- Creating new programs at work that are pretty exciting
- Touring the streets and sidewalks of D.C. by bike = amazing!
- Playing Gaga's latest and this song (I go from one extreme to the next) on repeat
- And hitting refresh on Craigslist

I have to admit, I wish there were gift cards to Craigslist. I spend majority of my online browsing time on Craigslist. I have a folder specifically for my latest favorites. I know which posts are scams, which ones are mass filtered by some intern every morning, I know areas I trust (that's a lie ... I've ventured into some sketchy 'hoods), I take a photo of a dream room and try to replicate it through Craigslist ... I am in love and slightly addicted to C's list. But let me warn you - majority of the compliments I've received on household goods have either been gifted to me by my mum or were found off of Craigslist.
Pictures are sometimes better than words (Warning - I name everything and this includes my furniture): 
This is Fiona. She is beautiful, vintage, yellow, and was posted by a rocker-type girl who was moving back to Portland.

This is Daria (like the MTV show). I met her my second weekend in Denver and she has a shorter sister who lives in my bathroom. I will forever have her next to my bed, my entry way, my wherever. I love her. 
This is Peony. She was once found in an older woman's kitchen. She is now in my room, in all her red glory, holding some of my most valuable collections.
This is Prairie. She once stored garden tools in a garage. She now makes room for my and my roommates' wellies, our mail, and really just adds a splash of color the minute you walk into our pad. She is pretty fun and cute.
So cute, she gets a second caption. :)
This is Thin Mint. Brown, beautiful, compact and was o-so cheap. A couple was packing up their life and heading West. They needed to say goodbye. My welcoming arms were wide-open.
This is Esther. She is old(er), but still in her prime. She will soon be undergoing a major surgery. She once put in a good day's work letting any and every sewing project make its magic. Sometimes she likes to open up and allow room for entertainment. Most of the time, she sits back and watches everything from the corner.

This is my roommate's table. I don't know her name or her story. I'd like to call her Maple. 

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  1. OMG that was so sweet and cute. I Love Love Love your post, and the names you have given your C-list finds. So stinkin cute.