Thursday, March 31, 2011

My "Challenge"

So...usually I don't write about food, working out, or attempting to stay in shape, simply because I just know one rule that works for me > Less sugar, more gym.

I'm not a fan. I have a sweet tooth. This is not good.

A week ago, I attempted to start a challenge with my mom where more protein was the key and veggies were your best friend. How long did this challenge last? One day. Yup, I caved in to four peanut butter cookies within two days.

You know when you hear words that you simply can't stand, ex. "It will only make you stronger in the long run" or "Time will heal all pain" and "Just say no!" Just saying no just isn't that easy for me. But, if I'm going to blog about me and my life and the adventures in between, I'm going to hope this challenge in the end will be an adventure for me. Starting tomorrow, April 1st, I will say "no" to sugar and "hello" to more veggies and protein. I will work for 30 days knowing that the end is almost near. If I can't make it through these next 30 days, then .... then .... then this will have been a waste of your reading and my writing time.

Bring it on Challenge, Bring it on Brittanie!

P.S. This ain't no April Fools Joke.

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