Friday, April 22, 2011

Egg-static for Easter

Yup, I took it there. It's better than eggs-aggerating my excitement for this weekend, or eggs-plaining my love for traditions. Okay I'm done.

It's something about holidays that make me want to celebrate this special day more than I did last year. It's something about beefing up the day as if it's better than other days. Some of my traditions include:  
  • Halloween - Chili is the only dinner I will eat on my favorite holiday.   
  • Thanksgiving - Walking a thousand miles (really like 8) with my best friend and then ordering our very first peppermint hot chocolate for the season. 
  • Christmas - Pistachio and marshmallow pudding is my favorite dessert on this day (sorry frosted snowman cookies)  
  • Easter - My friend Bee and I try to get together at least once a year and this happens to be our day. Soaking up the Charleston sun, stuffing our bellies with some amazing grub, and going to church is what I look forward to. 
Unfortunately, this Easter plans didn't follow tradition, and I am now trying to find something to fill this void. Mike, would you like to dye eggs? Mike, how about making some chocolate, coconut mini bird nests? Mike, want to sneak into someone's egg hunt? This poor guy is in for a weekend full of adventures I'm about to label traditions. hehe. 
If someone knows how to make eggs look this vibrant, I need your secret.
If you have any traditions you would like to share, please pass my way. 

Have an egg-cellent weekend!


  1. My mom ALWAYS makes chili on Halloween, and it's my favorite holiday too!! Come out to the Field House in Canton on Saturday from 8-10, I'm guest bartending! Last year we started a new tradition of a bar easter egg hunt. Basically a shot in a different color counts as an egg :)

  2. I love this post! I hope you have a great Easter weekend with Mike...Sorry you didn't get to go to Charleston...Pinkim(you-know-who) from TrulySimplyPink I am now following you...good to see you yesterday...