Thursday, April 21, 2011

Peep Peep

You know you have a best friend when out of the blue you realize it's 1) Easter (soon), and 2) you haven't stuffed your face with Peeps or Cadbury eggs. There is a problem. Did you hear that, Houston we have a problem! This girl, me, couldn't have asked for a better combination of candy to be sold at the same time than Peeps and Cadbury eggs. Okay so back to the best friend :)

I just came home to a box labeled "priority." Goodness gracious, what could be shipped that deserves to be labeled "priority?" Well Meghan knows me best and prioritized something I've neglected - my spring sugar fix. Yup, she took off the Peep packaging plastic, slipped in a cute Easter card, and sent me heaven in a box. On a side note, what's with the removal of plastic? I love sugar coated marshmallows puffs, aka Peeps, hard and dried out. It's something my Pops passed down and it's something I one day hope to pass. (Remember it's the little tips in life we all should know.) I couldn't stop smiling. My stomach couldn't be happier. I wish I could reach out and give her a big ol' thank you hug! So what it comes down to you is you know you really have a best friend when the simple things in life that you somehow forgot about knock at your door, are ready to be consumed (no waiting 2 weeks to dry out), and leave you going to bed the happiest girl in the world!

Thank you, Meghan! Good night, sweet dreams, peep peep!

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