Thursday, May 26, 2011

Difference in the B's

Can you guess the biggest difference between Boise and Baltimore? 
- People
- Grocery stores
- Political views
- Famous favorite food

I'll give you a hint ... it's not what I listed above, although those are up there. Nope, the biggest most uncomfortable and hard to get used to difference is:

Hu (oh my gross) midity

Thank you, Nasa.
It's truly awful. The worst. The grossest. The "I should have saved my time showering this morning because I'm already drenched 2 minutes later."

Just a little FYI of what I'm trying and trying (and will probably never try hard enough) to get used to. 

Another little FYI, I'm heading to the beach this weekend!!! I suppose that's the glass half-full side of the humidity story. When you ask for the beach, you get water vapor.


  1. But when you're at the beach you get ocean and bay breezes! And I not just talking about the drink :) Have so much fun!

  2. Oh I am sure here are a million differences! haha :)