Sunday, May 8, 2011

When I think about my Mum...

When I think about today and I think about my Mum, I think about one of my very first memories: Dragging my little body into her bedroom, passing by the tv, her dresser full of treasures, and leading myself into her bathroom. I would plop my rear down on the toilet and gaze at the most beautiful woman putting on her makeup, planning out her day, brushing her teeth, reminding my brother to do something he knows he needs to do, venting about work to my dad, and then looking down at me smiling. At this moment, every day of every morning, I wanted nothing else than to see this look. I wanted her style, her grace, and her love for everyone. I remember the look she would give my shy and raspy-little-voice self - a look that said I love you more than this world will ever know and I will protect you with every little ounce of my soul.
When I think about my Mum, I think about the desire she has to make everything she owns, has, wants, needs, etc. the best. A few examples - her nails, she loves those bad boys and treats them every other week to the very best attention. Her yard, trust me you'll never find a more eye-catching, green, and trimmed lawn than my mum's. Her organization skills, she can pack up a house in two minutes, the kitchen accessories are exactly where one should put them (mine are scattered in the most inconvenient cabinets), and her bedroom is always kept and made. Her work ethic and her work - she is admired by all, leads all, and doesn't settle for anything less than 110%.
When I think about my Mum, I think about the places I've gone. How did I get there - her. How am I where I am today - her. How did I pack my life for adventure after adventure even if she wasn't joining me - her. Through every suitcase, teary eyed departure my Mum was the one who encouraged me to go, gave me my boundaries, realized in the back of her mind I would break a few, set aside her saved pesos so I could have the time of my life, helped me settle in at each arrival, and made sure to visit me a few months into my new move so "home" was nearby. When I think about where I am today and how far I've gone from her nest, I think about how she wanted me to explore, shed my fears, build up my courage, and taste the world. Being here isn't so far because when I look around, I see her in everything I do. 
When I think about my Mum, I think about about how not only is she a mum, the very best mum, to my brother and I, but so many others. She is and will forever be a momma duckling willing to take someone under her wing. Whether that means assisting in homework help, buying groceries, pushing them to do more and be more, laughing at their jokes, or giving them a hug, my Mum has been a mother figure to more than she will ever know. She has a heart as big as this world and love that has no limits. She might only have two that call her Mum, but a sea of little ones who have depended on her at some point in their life.
When I think about my Mum, I think about laughter. She taught me the beauty of having laugh lines. She is witty, smart, bold and flippin hilarious. She'll crack your back with her jokes. She doesn't understand or realize how much I admire her care-free style, but I constantly wish I could just "go with the flow," kick aside the debbie downers and spin a few jokes to break up the tension. She is this way. She makes you laugh until you pee your pants. She doesn't try, she just does.
And last but not least, when I think about my Mum, I think about a woman who is unlike any other. She is my best friend, my backbone, and my go-to call when the world comes crashing down. She will interrupt her getting ready routine because I'm calling about something pointless. She will wake up at 3 in the morning because I can't sleep and need someone to talk to. She will send me cards that don't mention a holiday or a thank you, but simply an "I am thinking about you" written in her handwriting that brings a tear to my eye. She will step out of an important meeting because whenever the words "it's your daughter" are spoken by the secretary, more important business is apparently on the line. She is the one who wiped my tears when I was 5 and couldn't deal with the death of a fish, to now wiping away my fears from 2,000+ miles away and letting me know I'm bigger than any of my doubts. She is the one I would have picked to be mine, but thankfully I didn't have to. When I think about my Mum, I think about the life she has given me and the love that continues to grow. When I think about my Mum, I think  about how much I want to be just like her.
Happy Mother's Day, Mum!


  1. Wow Brittanie...How beautiful...You are a lovely gift to your Mom and her greatest accomplishment i am sure she will agree!
    Kim from TrulySimplyPink

  2. Happy Mother's Day Kim! You are such a wonderful mother, too!