Sunday, May 22, 2011

Today is my lucky day!

I'm going to skip the apology and list my excuses for where I've been and what I've been doing. Let's just say it involves a whole lot of work. But there are better things to discuss, such as today truly feeling like it's my lucky day! Let me list the ways:

1) So this didn't exactly happen today, but I'm thinking it started it all. My wonderful friend, Nicole (check out her amazing blog), posted about this exciting opportunity to join in The Traveling Journal circle. If you didn't check out the link, basically it was a first come first serve type of thing where Kaitlyn was wanting to  start something new in the world of all things creative. There were a handful of bloggers picked to participate in this project, and guess what? The list was was finalized and ready to be printed...but then something happened. Something I call luck - I was added to the list! So here I am ready to paste, print, cut, glue and photograph! This could take a few months, but I'll definitely show you the end result! 

2) Remember me begging, asking and wanting friends? Remember I didn't grow up here and therefore meeting life-long friends has been a struggle? Remember how I joined a meet up group to meet friends? Well this morning something dare I say lucky was floating in the air. I went for a run and spotted this girl who was going at a nice pace, but then I saw this hill and one of my biggest challenges is pulling my legs up a hill. I decided this morning to push myself so I ran and I think I ran fast. I passed this girl, but then just as I made it to the top and decided to walk for a minute, she passed me. Long story short, I was following this girl so closely trying to keep up with her stride and after realizing I probably seemed like a creep staying a little too close, I grew some balls. I picked up my pace and ran next to her, pulled out the ever-so-inspiring Gaga from my ears, and asked, "Do you want to run together?" She said, "Yes!" So fast forward one-mile, we hit it off! We're in the same boat, not from here, searching for friends, listen to the same music, laugh at the same stories, wish the mid-west mentality could teach these east coasters some manners, and in the end exchanged digits! It's not everyday you meet a friend while sweating and coming off as a creep. 

3) I was out and about shopping for myself and shopping for a friend's upcoming bday. Well I happen to be in the market for some cargo linen pants. Whenever I'm in the market for something, it's either $300 bones or size 0. 
Guess who found the perfect pair that look something like this - 
This girl!!!!! So after strolling along on my merry way, guess what else I landed? Someone's PF Chang's gift card! I didn't steal, I didn't swipe, and I didn't dig for it. Nope, it was just laying next to a tree and no one was in sight. So I leaned down thinking a) this is a prank or b) it's empty. But I snuck it in my purse and carried on my way. Next thing you know I sit down at my computer, enter the card number, and find out it has $25 on it! Talk about being lucky! So to my mom who love PF Chang's, dinner is on me (and whoever lost it)!

Because there is still some time left in the day, I'm treating myself to a nap and possibly a lotto ticket!


  1. your toooooooo cute. (ps l love those pants too.) xoxox

  2. I loooove you! I am so happy you met a friend through running! That is the best story. And doing the Traveling Journal with you makes me feel like we're close again, and not on opposite sides of the nation.

  3. Hey, not bad for one day...nice post...BES Day was a treat!...Pinkim from TrulySimplyPink AKA...Kim Wright

  4. A positive energy friend like you is sure to send good vibes to get good friends. Glad you met a running mate!:)

  5. oh brittanie i'm SO glad i could make you happy and feel lucky! that makes choosing you SO much better. my husband and i just read your post and thoroughly enjoyed it.