Monday, June 13, 2011

Productive Patsy

What is a Productive Patsy? According to my dictionary it refers to one who is:
1) Achieving or producing a significant amount or result, and
2) A girl or woman with the name Patsy.

So 1 plus 2 and you get a fine sum of > a Productive Patsy (aka me over this last weekend). What exactly made me (not really named Patsy) so productive?

- I am embarking on my one-year anniversary in Baltimore and am running out of time on my current lease.  So I located my dream apartment across the street, toured the 2-bedroom beauty, and signed my name on the dotted, interested party line.
- I finished one of my new favorite reads - Water for Elephants. I might be slow on this theatrical release band-wagon, but I'm not to concerned. The book is amazing. Every detail caught my interest and brought a tear to my eye.
- I made yet another Craigslist purchase. This time a beautiful, white, antique, wooden bed frame. (Pictures to come once assembled.)
- I dogsat and babysat! Talk about responsibilities and more money for Craigslist finds!
- I caught up on all work-related emails that had been hiding in my "I'm promise I'm not forgetting about you" folder.
- I worked out twice in a matter of going two weeks without one gym appearance, yikes.
- And last but not least, I caught up on the Real World Reunion. Another yikes. Can we talk about bore-fest. I am crossing my fingers for the next cast/city.



  1. I love productive months! It sounds like you've gotten quite a lot done!

    Aww, I live in Baltimore too, isn't it the best place ever?! :)

  2. Yeah, well me this weekend was 'Procrastinator Patsy'. I had no energy to do anything! Hopefully next weekend its a different story ;-)

    Happy Tuesday Dear! xo

  3. Hazel - I have days of loving Baltimore, but I also have days of missing home.

    Jen - Procrastinator Patsy can get the best of me some days/weekends, but sometimes they are the best! Happy Tuesday to you :)