Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Winner Winner Breads for Dinner!"

Mmmmm k, it's about time I write my old, but very exciting news. Remember how I briefly mentioned that I had ripe bananas and was searching for a recipe to make banana bread? To help you remember. Well I also had another reason waiting and waiting and I needed the perfect ingredient. Bananas are always the perfect ingredient. 

So back in early-April, I was reading through my favorite blogs and came across a giveaway opportunity from Jenna at Eat, Live, Run. I entered and went on with my days. Within these days, I decided to check back and see who would be spoiling their kitchen with a new friend. Key words - see who would be spoiling = see someone else spoil their kitchen. What I never expected and still can't believe were these words,

"You guys blow me away. I wish I could buy all 2,200 of you shiny new loaf pans! This definitely was the most successful giveaway ever on ELR, so thank you all for participating! And now the winner - comment number 376, Brittanie!"

In the land of not very many Brittanies, with ie's, I was in shock. I was the someone who won!!! Jenna, I still can't thank you enough. To show my love, I'll share my recent adventure that brought a round of applause to my stomach.

This was my wonderful package awaiting at my door.  

This was me digging in, but also being careful!
This is me and my new bread loaf pan o o o o soooo happy!
Can she get any more beautiful?
So you start off with the lovelies.
Then you add in your mix-ins and yogurt, which is crucial.
Then you mash and mash and do the monster mash. And again, mix everything together.  
Then you pour the batter into your beautiful, new bread loaf pan and
stick in your easy-baked sized oven for 1-hour. During this
hour, you wait and sing and dance. 

And then you get THIS! And your belly is happy, your face is happy,
your breakfast routine is no longer happy, but because you are happy
nothing can hold you back
 And so here I am ... a giveaway winner eating bread for dinner! 


  1. How exciting!!! :D that's so awesome! Congratulations!

  2. I LOVE BANANA BREAD!! omg. so good. I hate bananas but i like banana bread..something is wrong

    so lucky you won a giveaway. I always enter but never win! i guess i should keep trying!

    thanks for the follow! :) following you now!