Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another Sunday Adventure

Sundays, along with Thursdays, tend to be the best days of the week in my eyes. Thursday means the weekend is so close and you've already tackled more than half of the week, and Sunday just brings about the rush and energy to fit in everything you can before Monday rolls around. That was a mouthful.

So what did today bring? An adventure unlike any other :)

Mike is a dedicated worker bee. Whatever it is he's doing, he's got some wheel spinning with his job in mind. So with a full day ahead and a boy who "wants to see and know it all" ... well we did just that. Okay so maybe not "it all," but we checked off one city that hasn't seen our tracks. Bethesda, Maryland!

Yup, this cuter than cute little stretch of shops and a gazillion restaurants around type of town located above D.C., and under Baltimore's belt. Mike was curious what this land held and what properties are either up and coming or available. So why did I tag along? Because every Pilot needs a co-Pilot and well I just like tagging along. But what else accompanied our adventure? Our bikes! That's right, this day might go down in history as one of the most creative, fun and best-days-of-my-life type of adventure that was a spur of the moment planned effort.

We would pedal for a block, jot down some notes on the next, pedal 5 more blocks, spin around, avoid some pedestrians, write down something else, and continue this routine for the next 6 hours. Oh and we also snuck in a little marg drinking.

This weekend, and especially today, was a fabulous one. Throw a little sun on my shoulders, put my boy in the picture, add our bikes, and a foreign city bustling with love = one of the best Sunday adventures.

P.S. We rented bikes one weekend and toured around D.C. by cruisers and had so much fun. I guess the moral of this post is, if you're looking for something fun to do with your love and/or friends, pick up two wheels and ride around. Also, it could just be something Mike and I find fitting to our curious minds.

Hope you all had a great weekend! Sweet Dreams!

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  1. Fun! Sounds like such an awesome weekend!! :D