Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Friendly Reminder

So I've decided to skip out on my Friday Favs (well maybe not quite skip, but this post will temporarily take its place), and provide something a little different ... something that I was reminded about today.

For a few weeks I haven't quite been feeling like myself, you know the B I can laugh at, but also feel confident in. I'm not sure if it's being so far away from home, knowing I've been so far away from home for quite some time now, I'm trying to prioritize my life when it's in a million different parking lots, or I'm simply just in a funk. Without even thinking too much about it, this afternoon I came to the conclusion that this has been one of my best weeks in a while. What happened? What cleared the air? If I'm going to treat this blog like I live in a glass half-full world, I think I also need to treat this blog the way life can sometimes be - a glass a little too empty.

So let me break this down:
- I wasn't working out on a regular basis like I enjoy
- I wasn't setting professional or personal goals, which keep me in line
- I was finding anything and everything wrong with Mike/our relationship
- I was too focused on the fact that I'm 2,000+ miles away from home
- Oddly enough, I wasn't sketching out room designs, which is something I've always found myself doing
- I was too focused on lack of funds, rather than the fact that I have five dollars to my name
- I just wasn't acting like the B I know, and maybe myself was feeling a little too empty

So what happened this week that made all the difference?
- I've worked out everyday and enjoyed every minute of sweating and smelling
- I woke up one morning to a list > A list of things I want to accomplish at work and want to see within myself
- I have been so honest with Mike about my funk and us. I thought a few days of not talking would help, but then I woke up and realized I wanted nothing more than to say "good morning" and hang out with him later that night. I know you can't always see eye-to-eye with your best friend, but knowing you have your best friend at your side, looking at you eye-to-eye is priceless.
- I remembered I'm moving in three weeks to a new place, and my life has been a series of adventures miles and miles away from home. It's about time I start planting roots in my own home.
- I've already designed three houses. Now I'm just working on the landscapes, joking.
- I budgeted out my funds for the next month and realized, I might just be okay. AND, I even calculated in "fun," which says a lot for a girl who has always pushed fun off of the budgeted list.
- I found myself singing out loud on my way to work, laughing at work, and chit chatting to anyone and everyone. This is the B I know :)

This seems a little odd to be pushing out for your reading self, but when trying to be optimistic and grounded about life, sometimes a little kick in the rear is the biggest life lesson anyone really needs. No matter the blue days, glass half-empty days, or simply not feeling like yourself days, a reminder about what it is you enjoy is the only friendly reminder/remedy out there.

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  1. Hey! I sent you a long overdue email- I totally forgot about that email account and I'm really sorry! :)

    I'm really glad you are feeling better this week. Sometimes when things get overwhelming, you just have to make the choice- let yourself become overwhelmed, or take a step back, take a couple of deep breaths, and do what you have to to move forward in a positive direction. So it sounds like you made the right choice! :)