Sunday, July 10, 2011

On a lazy Sunday like today

While browsing through some of my past blog posts, I came across one of my favorites. And because it's a lazy Sunday and I'm starting to wind down from the weekend, there is nothing better I can think of doing than painting my nails. 

A little over a year old, but still one of my favorites. Enjoy!
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A small, but obvious fact about me: I love love love OPI nail polish colors. In hopes of one day marketing their line, naming their latest colors or winning a lifetime supply of nail polish I submitted this letter:

To The Fabulous, Beautiful and Ever-So-Fun Team behind OPI,

I am in love with your product. More than in love, I represent, wear, display, promote, shout, apply (over and over), and above all follow your name anxiously waiting for the next line to "line" my nail polish basket (slowly turning into a bucket)! 

Trying to decide what shade to sport for the weekend, I looked no further than "Need Sunglasses" due to this weekend's weather forecast and summer being around the corner. I'm sure you receive inquiries and suggestions a gazillion times a day, but I was thinking while showering, "Wow...OPI needs a country-bumpkin line!" Not sure if the shower sparked my Idaho roots to fruition, or I find myself listening to Lady Antebellum on repeat, but one thing I know is nothing would be more fantastic with the summer sun, plethora of picnics and Daisy Duke shorts around every corner, than a seasonal line dedicated to America's finest toe-tapping, calf wrangling, dosey-doe-ing, spare me another heartbreak, and the dust hanging over the horizon world of the wild west. 

My first suggestion: "Lady Antebellum's Lemonade"

Your yellow-nail-polish-wearing-fan,


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  1. Didn't they come out with a Texas line?! Ah it was probably all thanks to your suggestion :)