Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Cupcake Truck

Now that my great news is out of the way, I'm thinking of something else - something sweet. I need sugar every few hours throughout my day as I'm sure you all know from my many posts about my sweet tooth.

Well I've had a craving for a chocolate milkshake all day (I don't even like chocolate milkshakes). I've thought about getting a bag of peanut m&m's from the vending  machine two floors down for the past hour. You know what's on my mind now? This amazing concept on four wheels in Denver, Colorado. Of course what I want the most is something that's 1,700 miles away.

I want...
That's right! I'm craving a cupcake from The Denver Cupcake Truck! This beauty drives around, parks her wheels, and feeds everyone mouthfuls of amaziness.

Can anyone help a girl out? I need some suga!


  1. Girl, I wish I could help you. But unfortunately, I don't own a cupcake truck. If I did, I'd totally be driving straight to you right now :)

  2. The minute I saw the title of this post I knew what you were talking about!! I miss the Denver Cupcake Truck too, even though I didn't have it near as often as you :)

  3. i can help you out! we should talk cupcakes soon!!! xoxo

  4. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

  5. we can go to the icedgems store in owings mills/reisterstown orrr you can check them out on fbook to see where the truck will be!