Sunday, September 18, 2011

Phone or Pho

So today is Sunday. Yesterday was Saturday. Yesterday I planned on getting a new phone. I didn't. I was advised by some helpful friends to wait it out. iPhone5, you hear that ... I'm waiting for you :) What did I do instead. I put the p h o somewhere else, just not a cellular device. One of my favorite friends out here in Charm City is named Adam. Adam has 5 kids.

Friends meet Adam:
Too cute!
 Friends meet Adam's kids:
Don't you wish you had 5 Frenchies? I do. 
Adam and I were both feeling a bit homesick yesterday (he's from California) and we were both hungry. Where does this leave us? Craving something to comfort our bellies and hanging out to chat about life. Adam introduced me to something a few months ago and I knew this would be the perfect night to dive back into a bowl of PHO. Have you ever tried it? If not, please Google your nearest Vietnamese restaurant, check out their menu, and sip away one of the most amazing rice noodle soups out there. Not only did Adam introduce me to Pho, but he is also introduced me to something out-of-this-world last night. Boba Tea aka Pearl Tea aka Bubble Tea aka Amazing Tea in my mind. So this tea can come in a variety of flavors, but is something between a black or green tea base mixed with fruit and swirled with milk.On the bottom rest pearls or "small chewy balls made of tapioca starch" (thank you Wiki). I'm not sure everyone would be in favor of the pearls, but the tea is one to be loved by all.

Until the iPhone5 shows up, I'll be opting for some Pho. Thank you Adam for Saturday and for my latest favorites!


  1. I have always wondered what the deal was with those Bubble Teas. But now that I know you stamp your approval on them, I'll be willing to try one :) Miss you!