Sunday, September 4, 2011

Putting out a few fires...

So it's only 10:39am and what have I accomplished on this beautiful Sunday morning? Let's just say Katie (roommate) and I might be on the nomination list for the 2011 Heroine(s) Award! Let's also pretend that is a real award.

At 5:30am an older woman was pounding on our neighbor's front door. Our neighbor's front door just happens to be across from our bedroom windows. We heard crying, screaming, cursing, you name it. I crawled to the window and asked, "Are you okay?" Nope, she sure wasn't. So Katie, the amazing roommate and friend that she is, said "you're not going alone" and joined me in hopes of figuring out what was going on. Sitting on the front porch steps with this woman, we hear some awkward and awful details about her being raped by a gang of girls, or witches, and this didn't take place at her house but some other building and then she said they could come to her party.. um wtf? We weren't following the story, and we also weren't believing the story. Nope turns out she was having a bad bad dream. What happens next ... the cops drive by. "Officer, Officer, this is ______ and I'm Brittanie and this is Katie. Can you help _______?" So Police Office 1 and Police Officer 2 direct this woman back into her house, give us about 10 minutes to wait and wonder, and then hear that she was either over-medicated or under-medicated. Great! Also, she had finished off a bottle of wine and had classical music playing in the background. Now this was only the start to our day.

At 9:52am we noticed the bathtub was filling up with water and leaves. Say what? We also notice that when the neighbor above turns on the shower, the bathtub backs up with water even more. Here we go again. . . After many calls to the men in our life, searching for our landlord's number, and finally a walk upstairs to the landlord's brother's apartment we receive help. Currently, our bathtub is receiving a spa treatment from Super Drano.

At 10:15am we notice the bush in front of our porch windows is smoking. Yup, someone rudely flicked a cigarette butt into these bushes and they were smoking. So we grab some water and just laugh at everything that has happened.

Can you blame us for wanting this 2011 nomination? It's all in a morning's work and putting out a few fires :)

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