Thursday, September 1, 2011

Getting this train back on her tracks

Well Hello There September! 

Have I taken enough time off? No.
Have I missed blogging? Yes.
Do I have a lot to say? Doubt it.
Did I take any pictures during my hiatus? Negative.
What did I even do? I opted out of getting an internet plan and I spent my time at work ... working. Where does that leave time for snapping photos and writing about my recent jokes or outings? It doesn't leave any time.

It seems that my life, possibly like yours, tends to pick up in the summer and calm down in the winter. These last few weeks were somewhat similar to last summer = non-stop, plate filling good times. Whatever it was I was doing, moving, complaining about, loving, eating, or not writing about, I was having the time of my life. It's weird and sad to admit this, but I think I have passed my days of being homesick for Boise. Boise is no longer my home, except the arms of my amazing mum which are always welcoming me back, but Baltimore is where my heart lives. Can you believe I just said that? It's a darn good feeling! I've settled into my new home and I'm finding Charm City favorites daily.

So where does this life of blogging go from here - It goes up! I've realized that most of the blogs I read or subscribe to include keywords or pictures about food (shocker, right?), working out, penny saving house projects, career advice, and staying true to the writer's passion(s). What is mine? My life during the time that I started Three Bracelets was about traveling, adventuring, moving across the country and falling in love. Where am I at now?
1) Realizing I only have $5 to my name and I'm not sure that would even buy me a bus ticket, let alone a gallon of gas.
2) Moved across the street into a new apartment a month ago and I couldn't be happier. I might not ever leave this place!
3) Filling my big girl pants at a job/organization I love, finding out there is a big part of my heart that loves Baltimore, and most of all knowing I've found someone I never thought I could love this much.

What are my passions now? Figuring out ways to be healthier, which means cooking more, but still incorporating my love for ice cream in 4 times a week. Getting excited every Monday and Friday morning for Body Pump. Discovering the latest and greatest DYI projects. Keeping my head held high and focused when it comes to work and setting goals for myself. And last but least, getting back into the writing world. I'm not quite sure where this epiphany/back to reality mindset of mine is going to take me, but I promise I won't leave you stranded anymore!

And I'm back on board!


  1. Aw yay! Good to have you back!! :)

  2. Thank you! It's a good feeling to be back :)

  3. Sweeeeeets,
    Hopefully this accepts my comment, You have such an Amazing Writing Style, You should add being an Author along with Your Own Stationary,

    Love You Sweets