Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Monthly Recap

I'm not sure how you, bloggers of this world, set aside time to write when the life around you moves faster than you can handle. This was my October. It was a whirlwind of of ride and quite frankly I'm surprised I made it out in one piece.

Sharing my monthly recap:
- I turned 26. This was by far my best bday and I have to give all my thanks to Mike. Yup, this boy swept me by surprise and told me we were headed to a nice dinner followed by a musical, but in reality we went to his friends house (side note this friend is top notch chef wanted by all tastebuds), I walked up the stairs in a b*tchy mood and was surprised by a room full of my best friends. This will be a post on its own :)

- October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which in my professional world means the phones don't stop ringing, the requests for anything and everything pink pile up, and the Race for the Cure knocks at your door.
- Komen Maryland hosted it's first Marathon for the Cure program. This means a week before the Race, we were on our toes for our team who was running in support of breast cancer awareness for 13.1 and 26.2 miles. It was beyond amazing.
- As I mentioned above, the Race for the Cure knocks at your door and you find yourself recruiting 800 volunteers, coordinating plans with 2,000 teams, and welcoming 32,000 participants to a years worth of work/prep. Guess who loved every minute of it?

- My best friend, Copper, passed away. Copper was a gift and friend unlike any other. As a little girl, I wanted every pet possible. I went so far as to get two birds who ended up becoming my brother's toys. Snowball and Tweety (clever I know) ended up leaving this earth and I was left with tears. I went back to the pet store to get two new birds in hopes of saving our pennies from the tissue aisle, and ended up walking out with a little bundle of fluff I named Copper. Copper was a friend who came into my life right before it was drastically torn into two and stuck by my side through thick and thin. I can't think about him or write about him without crying, but I do now he is in a better place with our first dog, Chelsea :)
- My friend got me a bday gift at the perfect time - a betta fish named Lil Red. He has made my new place a home!
- The first snowfall fell, which means it's winter time in my mind and that sadly means I can only have ice cream once a month (a rule I made up last year and I'm not sure why).
- And last but not least, I went out big with my favorite day of the year, Halloween! Yup, Mike and I went as Cap'n Crunch and Toucan Sam.

So where does that leave me now - welcoming November with arms wide open and ready for some relaxation, a Two-Year Anniversary with my Love, and a "can't wait any longer" visit from my Mum!


  1. Sounds like everything is going so great for you Brittanie! I miss your smile...but I'm following your life from afar! :) Keep doing awesome things and being a great example of an amazingly strong woman. Love you!

  2. also...can you please add my other account to view your blog? jmrmnd@gmail.com....I don't really use this one any longer. :) Thanks, miss!