Sunday, December 4, 2011

Back for Reals

Do you remember me? Not sure how my weekly posts turned into monthly recaps, but it happened and I'm not a fan. It doesn't seem my life was any different than before so I'm not sure what took me so long, but I think blogging can be compared to a diet. If you're good at it, you love the results. If you slack off, you forget you even started. Ain't happen with this girl :)

Trying to start somewhat of a new approach and effort, I'm back for reals because I miss writing. Today, rather than trying to recap a month into one post (p.s. the best part of November was spending 12 days with my mum!!!), I'm going to recap someone who means so much to me and has taught me more than he knows - My Brother. My brother, Chris, is celebrating his 29th birthday today, and I can't even begin to believe how "old" he is getting.

From the time I could crawl Chris was scooping me up, pushing me around, pestering me, holding my hand, and teaching me about life from a big brother's view. One of my favorite memories that has defined the way I've looked at my brother throughout the past 20 years was boating with my family. As a kid I admired the bad as* attitude my brother had (with his spiked hair, vans, and smirk) and always shouting to my Pops "faster ... I said faster..." Faster didn't mean your life was on the line, or that the tube you were on was going to send you flying t the bottom of the lake, but that you would be on top of the world. Chris has always been on top of the world in my eyes. He's rarely had to study for a test, never cared about rules (including speed limits), doesn't mind a few jokes targeted at him, always has a comeback up his sleeve, has been the best boyfriend to his past girlfriends, has been the best dad to his pups, and has ultimately been the best brother a sister could ask for. He let me grow up with his advice and would tell me his opinion vs. following what's right/wrong. Chris took charge of situations while I cried. He would lead a crowd while I would follow. He simply has always been the guy who seems to know everything and can fix just about anything.

While Chris has been celebrating his birthday today, with his hair still spiked and smirk still drawn on his face, what have I been doing ... wanting to follow in his footsteps and attitude by telling the world, "faster ... I said faster!"

Happy 29th Birthday, Brother!

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