Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas - My Last Wish

Merry (one day late) Christmas!!! I think my days of avoiding an internet bill are over. Yup, yesterday I had planned on posting my Today is Christmas countdown wish list item, but what happened next ... no internet signal ... all day long! So I don't the internet, but ask each of my neighbors if I can pay them a few pesos and we can split the comfort of being able to log on whenever we want.  Well I have this gig going on with the neighbor next door, and it was going great. This neighbor decided they had enough of this place and was calling it quits in January. So I had a head's up that I'd need a new internet source come January, but that was a thought for next week. Well I had a little early present yesterday morning finding out I no longer had an internet signal.

I'm sorry if you were holding your breath trying to figure out my final item on my wish list and I left you hanging, but I think my days leading up to yesterday may have indicated what I was really wanting/needing. If you're still pondering, look below and you'll see what I wanted the very most:

My Fam Bam! So my parents are divorced and live in two different states. What does this mean? It's rough getting a family picture of all of us together. These two aren't my favorite, but they'll do the trick. This was at my college graduation and if I could rewind to the days of having everyone together, I certainly would. One of these years, hopefully next, we'll all be together, celebrating Christmas!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and were able to spend some time with those who mean the most!

Want to know something pretty exciting?  Santa was really listening, but I got the iPhone 4s and a blender!!! So excited :)

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