Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Fav

It feels like it's been forever and a day since I've posted a Friday Fav, but I suppose with the mix in of the holidays and wrapping up 2011, I sorta got sidetracked.  Any who, this week has flown by and I can't believe I'm sitting on the edge of the weekend ... Woohoo!!!

If you're new to Three Bracelets or forgot about my update to my Friday Fav edition, here is what takes place: I post one picture for the week that sums up 1) something I've learned, or 2) something I've fallen for.

This Friday Fav is going off of something I've learned.  (This Friday Fav is also more of a lesson than being something of a favorite.) I woke up with a scratchy throat 3 days ago, spent yesterday trying to fight this bug, and realized today the only thing I can do besides try fighting this cold is take care of myself.  Feeling under the weather, I also caught some stomach sickness and haven't felt in the mood for much. One thing I definitely haven't been in the mood for is sweets. Trust me on this one - I'm a bit shocked myself.  But it's true, I'm craving warm chicken broth and well more of that.  So physically my body is exhausted and just wants to sleep, but it also doesn't feel like filling up on any sugar.  This week, out of my own self-control, I've learned that the pure delight found in sugar is also the burden on my belly. 

Tonight I will be sipping on some soup and watching a few movies, but forgoing my love for desserts. (I'm hoping my taste buds return next week).

So long sugar. . .
                                                          Source: via Brittanie on Pinterest


  1. Good luck! Hope you feel better, have a great weekend :)

  2. Hope you're feeling better from your cold!