Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Gym Newbie

Because it's a New Year and some of the most common resolutions I hear around the block pertain to the gym, working out, breaking a sweat, dropping the lbs., and feeling better about oneself (this is mine), I started talking about the whole there are too many people at the gym post-January 1st with my co-worker.  Coincidentally enough, she had the same conversation with a friend earlier, and all three of us came to same conclusion - WTF?  What made the conversation even better was the mention of newbies.  These newbies, if you will, carry some pretty interesting baggage, threads, and glares with them onto the treadmill, the designated weight zone, and of course the ever-so fun locker room.

If you're confused, hear me out - I went to the gym and a girl not only brought her ipod, her iphone, and some gizmo on her arm, but she also had the plan that reading a ginormous textbook while operating each device was somehow going to be a pretty picture.  The poor thing was tangled up, couldn't keep her book from falling, and was b*tching that she forgot her water bottle :)

Now I get the occasional I came from work and all my makeup is on look, or shoot my outfit really does match and now I look a little too coordinated over here, but in general we all kinda look the same when working out.

My co-worker had a story to contribute to this game and told me about a girl who couldn't part ways with her Coach bag and carried it with her during the entire workout ... Say what?

Purses, gadgets, and frustrations all make for a wonderful way to start off the New Year at the gym.


  1. This is funny! K I'll chalk it up as another excuse to avoid the gym (I'm good at finding these excuses!) Thanks for the sweet comment! Glad Danielle did that link-up so we could all discover new blogs.

  2. TYSM for the lovely comments you left on my blog. Enjoyed reading about you; I love free-spirits ;-)

  3. haha! I love this post. Too true :). And that picture, ohmygosh. I haven't seen that movie in forever. At one point in time did we really think those ladies looked fashionable?