Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Favorite Valentine

Today is even more special for me than celebrating the love that surrounds us ... today is even more special for me than listening to my favorite song on repeat and enjoying just one more chocolate truffle ... today is my best friend's birthday! 

Happy Birthday, Love of My Life!  It doesn't go without saying that I can be a bit jealous of him on this day because shoot what girl wouldn't want to be surrounded by love, chocolates, and a big ol' birthday cake? Jealousy aside, what makes my heart grow even bigger is the fact that this boy is my best friend and boyfriend wrapped up in one person.  I always thought about the type of person I would end up falling for and never in my wildest dreams would he be as caring, hilarious, outgoing, determined, and loving as Mike is. 

To start off his birthday celebration, we took a 1/2 day from work yesterday and took off for DC.  We love exploring this city, but this usually happens on a Saturday afternoon so getting to sample it on a week day was exciting. My amazing Mum sent me some cake pops, which were the perfect afternoon treat for the drive ahead. 

After walking around DC, we made way our way to Zaytinya for dinner.  This restaurant was beyond delicious! There are so many restaurants to pick from in DC, but this was gem was right up our taste buds and definitely hit the spot.  If you're ever in DC and have a craving for Mediterranean inspired dishes, you must stop here.
We were ballsy enough to order snails. Ga-ross, I know. Oddly enough I ate two.
After such an amazing dinner, we saved a pocket in our stomachs for dessert (I always have an extra pocket/storage shelf/you name it for dessert).

Once dinner was over, it was time for Mike's very first hockey game!!! We went to see the Caps dominate, I mean slightly lose, to the San Jose Sharks.  No matter the score, it was still a good time. 

Mike, thank you so much for being the best Valentine a girl could ask for!  I hope you're having the most amazing day and can't wait to celebrate this new year ahead with you. 

To my family, friends, and bloggers, Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you for sharing all of your love and advice!

P.S. Because today is Mike's day, we're celebrating our Valentine's over the weekend. Stay tuned for my crafty project (I'm pretty tempted to pin it, but holding out)...

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  1. ahh! Zaytinya is one of my favorites! a great choice for valentine's day, and a birthday celebration; or just any old day!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!