Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Problem with Pinterest

If you read the title of this post and thought, "Um this girl is cray cray?" Just read what's below, please.

I'm obsessed with Pinterest just like you.  I pin before I shut my eyes at the night.  While dusting my cheeks with bronzer and brushing my teeth in the morning, I can only think about pinning.  When I'm dreaming of this amazing dinner party I'm going to host in __ years, I lean on Pinterest to make it happen.  So with all of this time spent thinking about this amazing site, how could there be any problems?

It's pins like this that stir up trouble:

                                                                 Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

I mean I could potentially go find a sleeping baby deer and hold it in my palms like this, right?

Let's not even get started on pictures of exotic beaches that my $2 savings account can't afford, or the beyond beautiful women with nothing but curly hair sweeping above their flawless skin when I have stick-straight hair with the once-a-week breakout, and last but not least the ever-so tempting pictures of golden retrievers that don't help my current "no dogs allowed" rental policy.

Pinterest, I'll still pin, dream, and go to you for all of my cooking, designing, decorating, motivational quotes, cute pictures of animals and pretending to be in shape ideas, but sometimes we have a problem when my reality somehow turns into a pin-ality!


  1. Oh, man...just have some..."pink" fun...come follow me!

  2. It could, but in that sense it isn't any different from TV, movies, etc. I'm not using pinterest, but I DO love the picture of the deer ;)