Thursday, March 15, 2012

To Do List - Update

This week has been crazy busy and I'm loving every minute of it - well not the minute Ben gave the final rose to Courtney, but that's another story, oh ya and the minute my car got hit ... that's also another story. Because the only thing that seems to be getting accomplished around here is my recent to do list, I thought I'd share.

My "You Better" To Do List:

1) Book your 2 weddings in 1 week flight - this is a multi-city type flight purchase. (That was a tough one to click "submit" on.)

2) Send Bee's 25th birthday and Christmas gift.  Bee turned 25 last April (this is really bad)...
Her gift is in my car, the car that got hit, that is currently sitting in a collision/repair garage :(

3) Make an eye exam appointment (1 set of eyes aka contacts left is never a good thing).

4) Get back into running. There is no excuse not to with the sun waking up earlier. 
I haven't been running in the morning (what's up with Daylight Savings bringing darker mornings these days???), but have skipped a few blocks at night.

5) Find a craigslist bike or someone who wants to buy me a bike.
Crazy week, no time for craigslist.

6) Paint you nails at night. It takes 30 minutes (remove nail polish, file away, paint base coat, paint color), and this shouldn't be a task handled in the car while driving to work.

(Mmmm Hmmmm, definitely have switched up my routine to a nighttime painting session!)

7) Remember the glass should always be more than half-full, unless it's water and please keep drinking.

8) Follow through with Date Night (Mike, did you see that one?). (We haven't necessarily had "date nights" but we have had a few nights out!)

9) Start The Hunger Games. Tonight. (Woohoo)

10) Give yourself a party for having gone 15 days without ice cream! (Please note it's now been 22 days!)

I'm sneaking in #11 - Buy this beauty.

                                                                                                  Source: via Brittanie on Pinterest

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  1. Love your to-do list! If I could go 22 days without chocolate, it would be my biggest accomplishment yet! Kudos to you!! ;)